Wearables for Assisted Living

CENSON provides wearables for assisted living to help with remote patient monitoring, and support assisted living providers in their patient management.

The watch includes a number of monitoring capabilities including:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Temperature – Assists in COVID-19 diagnosis and monitoring
  • Heart Rate /ECG
  • Blood Oxygenation – Assists in COVID-19 diagnosis and monitoring
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Activity tracking

These measurements can be used by health care professionals to diagnose COVID-19 using remote patient monitoring as well as many other health conditions, and to monitor the patients condition in real time.

Medicare will generally provide reimbursement for the initial work associated with on-boarding a new patient, setting up the equipment, and patient education on use of the equipment.  

Check out our Medicare Reimbursement FAQ for details on using wearables for assisted living.

incontinence detection By adding a simple Bluetooth enabled clip you can monitor and manage incontinence using our remote telemonitoring platform. Now you can eliminate the need to wake a patient to check.

SOS Wearable Fall detection and SOS wearable to support those at risk, memory care residents, or anyone needing the peace of mind knowing they can reach out for help by simply pressing a button. Also monitors vital signs and emergency contacts.

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