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Wellness and Mental health

The number of people struggling with poor mental health and mental disorders has been rising around the world over the past few decades. Those who are struggling are increasingly facing difficulties accessing the kind of support they need – leaving many waiting months for help, if they even qualify for treatment.

CENSON Health can support your patients with a range of mental health and behavioral health programs to treat obesity, depression, substance abuse, anxiety, and treatment adherence.

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Keep mentally healthy

Act: Keep physically, mentally, socially and spiritually active. Do something – such as going for walks, reading, playing games or taking up a hobby. An active mind and body can foster wellbeing and help quell overthinking or worrying about things that may be outside of your control.

Belong: Keep up friendships and close social ties, engage in group activities, and participate in community events. Do something with someone – whether that’s going to dinner with friends or joining a recreational sports league. Spending time with other people can help you feel more connected and build a sense of identity.

Commit: Set goals and challenges, engage in activities that provide meaning and purpose in life, including taking up causes and volunteering to help others. Do something meaningful. This can help you build a sense of meaning, mattering and self-worth.

All three of these domains are fundamental to good mental health. Doing just some of these activities is associated with a range of wellbeing benefits, including higher life satisfaction, and lower risk of mental disordersproblematic alcohol use and even cognitive impairment. Feeling activesocially connected, and engaged in meaningful activities are generally linked with better health and a longer lifespan.

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Wellness Marketplace

Mental Health

There are a countless number of licensed therapists online. Problem is, there are relatively few you can count on. With CENSON Health, you’ll enjoy access to a full list of accredited options, each independently verified by our team. So, you can choose with confidence.

Weight Loss Management

Many of the lifestyle changes needed to lose weight are intuitive, but there’s nothing straightforward in selecting coaching help through the web. CENSON Health streamlines the search. Compare providers by user ratings and price at your fingertips, no sweat!


You can scour the Internet for the latest dieting fads and nutritional help from dieticians and still come up empty. Instead of being a source for confusion, CENSON Health can be a cause for celebration, providing you with all the options out there, all in a single feed.

Diabetes Prevention

The prevalence of Type 2 diabetes is something that puts just about everyone on-edge with their health. These days, prevention is nearly as big a business as treatment itself, but only CENSON Health brings all it down to size, all in one app, right on your smartphone.