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CENSON Health Lab is your nationwide at home lab diagnostic services solution. It’s convenient, confidential and affordable!


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Available Diagnostic Tests

COVID-19 Saliva test

On request, CENSON Health Lab will send you a test kit directly to your home. Collect your saliva sample and use the return shipping label to mail back to us. Within 72 hours, you will receive your results.

Food Sensitivity Test

Suffering from food sensitivity or intolerance? Find out the cause with a CENSON Health Lab test, ordered straight from the CENSON Health app on your smartphone.

Vitamin D Test

Get a vitamin D test without the doctor’s visit. Screen yourself and verify whether your levels could be contributing to asthma, psoriasis, or other certain autoimmune diseases. Order from the app, conduct your test, and get results back in 3-5 days.

HbA1C Blood Sugar Test

One of the commonly used tests to diagnose prediabetes and diabetes, HbA1C measures average blood sugar levels over the past three months; even better, it can arrive at your doorstep in just days using the CENSON Health app

Inflammation Test

Check your C-Reactive (CRP) levels to better manage chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases; then, review your results with a CENSON Health MD provider at a time and date of your choosing.

Heart Health Test

You can’t predict the unexpected, but you can prepare. This test measures LDL and HDL levels to assess your risks of developing heart disease over time. Yet, it only takes days to receive it with the CENSON Health Lab module.

Sleep and Stress Test

Before turning-up and -in for a sleep study, a test kit from CENSON Health Lab could very well save you a lot of time and money in advance. It might even be just the thing to ease your worried mind.

Thyroid Test

One simple blood test is all that’s needed to find out if you have hypothyroidism. One simple click on CENSON Health Lab can get you the test itself, delivered confidentially to your home.

Men’s Health

This at-home test will show the results of 4 hormones (Estradiol, Testosterone, DHEA, Cortisol) which impact energy, mood, weight balance, and sex drive.

Hormone Trio

This test will measure 3 key hormones (Estradiol, Testosterone, Progesterone) to give insight into your overall health and hormone balance.

How it Works

Simple and Quality Care, When You Need It.

CENSON Health leverages the power of AI and the scope of the digital health ecosystem in order to bring health care control to every user.

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Select your Doctor.

  • Choose from a menu of service categories.
  • Review list of providers, compare user ratings, costs, etc.
  • Select and schedule treatment; pay online
CENSON Health is a marketplace of telehealth services that connect patients to providers.
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Step 3

Start Your Visit.

  • Obtain care and start building your CENSON Health profile*.

Our Doctors are here to Help.

Coming soon, an exclusive, proprietary service from CENSON Health—one that draws from all available healthcare data in building your personal healthcare scorecard—creating a broad picture of current health with tips for improving it!


Our Doctors are Board registered physicians with years of experience.  Back that up with a team of State Licensed Nurses, Therapists, and Pharmacists, and you can see why CENSON Health is a leader in Healthcare.