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CENSON® Health Hospital at Home
Supports off-the-shelf medical devices and tablets – and takes advantage of cloud technology to enable scaling.
CENSON® Health Remote Patient Telemonitoring
Easily adaptable by Health Care Providers to monitor any condition or chronic disease.

How Does Our Health Telemonitoring Work?

Why did we develop a remote patient health telemonitoring platform for Health Care Providers?

Well, we can tell you all about that.........

01/Remote Patient Telemonitoring

The telehealth solution CENSON® Care Remote Patient Telemonitoring is easily adaptable to any condition or chronic disease.

02/Remote Patient Care

CENSON® Care Remote Patient Care supports off-the-shelf medical devices and tablets – and takes advantage of cloud telemonitoring technology to enable scaling.

03/Health Care Systems

The CENSON® Care Hospital at Home solution is easily adaptable for Health Care Systems to manage a range of chronic health conditions.

04/Senior Living

CENSON® Care Senior Living  in not intended to replace traditional Senior Living Care, but rather supports and enhances care, ensuring that the needs of patients are addressed in the most caring, timely, effective, and efficient manner possible. 

Like to Speak with a Health Care Telemonitoring Expert?

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Feel free to contact via phone or email.  We are ready to be of assistance.

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