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Families -Peace of Mind and Independence

Patient empowerment supports and expands the patient’s responsibility for their own treatment and care.  CENSON® Health Telemonitoring is about designing and delivering health care and social services to enable individuals to take control of their health care needs.

Patient empowerment by CENSON® remote patient telemonitoring:

  •  Enables users to better monitor and manage their own health
  •  Increases mobility for patients‚ in health care processes, they are not admitted to a hospital
  •  Provides increased support for evidence-based decision making
  •  Improves quality of life and lowers transportation costs
  •  Avoids unnecessary hospital admissions

The mobile app connects to devices through Bluetooth, a USB or the Internet. The solution supports a wide range of medical devices, some of which include:

  • Blood pressure gauges
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Weighing scales
  • Spirometers
  • Blood glucose monitors
  • Cardiotocography (CTG) devices
  • Temperature probes

Please contact us for more information about our telemedicine services and e-healthcare solutions.