CENSON Health is a marketplace of telehealth services that connect patients to providers. Based on the services you are looking for, you can select your provider and submit a medical questionnaire, as well as receive and provide your medical history. The licensed provider will review your information and if needed order a prescription which will be sent to your choice of pharmacy.

Yes, our providers are all board certified and licensed professionals. They can only provide services in the states which they are licensed in.

Each state has different and specific requirements for telemedicine. We follow the state regulation based on the state you are requesting services from. Also, depending on the severity of your health condition your licensed provider may conduct a video or audio consultation.

Yes. The majority of our services provided have the option for questionnaire-based services, where you will need to submit a medical questionnaire form detailing your symptoms. Based on your provider’s discretion, they can send a prescription to a pharmacy. However, based on some state telemedicine regulations, your location, and your health condition, it may require a video or phone consultation before a prescription can be sent to the pharmacy.

No. We can only treat mild and uncomplicated conditions. If you are experiencing life-threatening symptoms or having a medical emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room or dial 911.

No, we do not prescribe controlled medications.

Asynchronous Service Treatment: Select your service and complete the questionnaire form. Your information will be forwarded to your selected provider. You may be contacted by the provider to discuss your medical conditions if needed. If your provider needs any additional details before ordering your prescription, they will communicate with you via the chat option available on the app. If there is a delayed response from the patient, the consultation process and prescription orders may be delayed.

Synchronous Service Treatment: Select your service and based on your preference you can select the provider you wish to meet with. Your information will be forwarded to that provider and they will contact you through audio or video call at your scheduled time.

Consultation FAQ

Currently, to reschedule your appointment you will need to cancel your current appointment, then you can schedule a new appointment.

On the app you will be provided a medical questionnaire. There you can submit all medical information.

If you have selected synchronous service (Audio/Video call service) a physician will decide audio or video call based on symptoms and services you have selected.

Typically, for questionnaire based services, you will receive a response within 24 hours. For your scheduled audio or video call, the sessions will be approximately 15 minutes.

Once the questionnaire is complete and a physician is chosen, the customer can see the physician’s earliest availability in the calendar.

At your scheduled time, you will be placed in a waiting room. The physician will then connect with you through audio or video call.

For your audio or video call sessions, once your provider has approved your request they will call you at your scheduled time. For a questionnaire-based visit, your provider will review the questionnaire and issue a prescription if needed within 24 hours. If your provider has any questions regarding your questionnaire they will contact you through the chat feature on the app.

You should receive a confirmation email once you have signed up for services. If for some reason you do not receive an email please use the Customer Support chat feature on our app or website and one of our representatives will assist you.

If your provider does not contact you within ten minutes of your scheduled time, please use the Customer Support chat feature on the app and a representative will assist you.

You will receive both email and push notifications through the app on your phone throughout your service journey.

Billing and Insurance FAQ

Yes, we currently accept insurance from most insurers. You will find the best prices for cash only payment, which is often less than insurer co-pays.

Yes, we do accept Medicaid, Medicare, Military Insurance (Tri-care) or most private insurance.

Yes. CENSON Health is the perfect platform for those who do not have insurance. CENSON Health is designed so that everyone can receive affordable treatment.

CENSON Health app is free to download, and you will pay per service, with or without insurance, by subscription.  Our telemonitoring is always free.

Each visit is subjected to various prices. You will pay for your consultation upon scheduling your appointment. We accept all major credit and debit cards.  You will always know up-front if there are any charges for services.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Our Customer Support team would be happy to assist you regarding canceling your appointment. Please use the Customer Support chat feature on the app and one of our representatives will assist you. If you have a scheduled appointment within 24 hours, you will not be able to receive a refund.

Once your appointment has been accepted by the provider, you will receive a push notification confirming your appointment.

Pharmacy FAQ

CENSON Health is affiliated with censonRX Pharmacy. We also have a network of 150+ independent pharmacies located throughout all 50 states. If you choose to use the CENSON Health network for free delivery, your provider will only need to send the prescription to censonRX Pharmacy. The pharmacy will contact you and deliver your prescription to your home at no cost. However, you can choose a local and preferred pharmacy to have your prescriptions sent to.

Yes. If you opt out of the benefits of our censonRX Health pharmacy network, you can select a pharmacy of your choice, which will be available on the app. You will need to complete a questionnaire form and submit your pharmacies name, address and phone number.

Based on your choice of pharmacy you have selected (censonRX Pharmacy or a preferred local pharmacy), you will be contacted by that pharmacy, and they will take your payment.

If your prescriber has chosen to give you refills on your prescription, you will be able to have your refills from the pharmacy. If you do not have any refills, you will have to schedule a new appointment with your CENSON Health provider.