New Revenue for Medicare Accredited Home Health Care Agencies: Increasing revenue and patient care

home health care

The Challenge:

  • Adding new revenue for home health care agencies.
  • Increasing patient care.
  • All without adding to the staff burden.
  • Ensuring the safety of your staff and patients.

Let us show you how to:

Achieve much higher staff / patient safety, and increase home health care agency revenue in a COVID-19 world through:

medicare accredited home health care

Services Included

remote patient monitoring

24 x 7 Telemonitoring:

  • Each eligible home health care agency patient* is monitored in accordance with CMS guidelines
  • Each eligible patient* is on-boarded to the platform by the CENSON team
  • The $75 telehealth wearable is provided at $49
  • Each patient/physician/agency will have access to collected patient vital signs via a portal (or agency EMR)

Available CENSON wearables:

  • Body Temperature (assists in COVID-19 Diagnosis)
  • Blood Oxygenation (assists in COVID-19 diagnosis)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate/ECG
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking – Can be used for contact tracing of COVID-19 patients/geofencing for memory care residents

OR use existing wearables (apple, google, etc) or medical devices

CENSON provide medicare reimbursable wearables for long term care to help support long term care providers in their patient management.


services for home health care

Health monitoring of multiple long-term conditions including:

……. and supports care plan adherence with medication and activity reminders.

What are the costs and potential revenue?

With potential revenue $200 per patient per month, plus…. what are the costs?

  • Platform costs: $19 per patient per month
  • Wearable cost: Once off $49 per patient (reimbursed at approx. ~$21)
  • 24/7 support for staff/physicians/patients included
  • 24/7 backup by State licensed RN’s 24/7 access to patient and physician portals
wearables for health care

Notes: * Eligible patients are those who are Medicare and/or Medicaid and/or Private Insured. Patients and facilities may choose to participate in the program at their own discretion. CENSON will provide staff to on-board and assist staff/patients in the initial setup and ongoing use of the platform.