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If you are not getting ALL these services with your RPM solution - it is time to contact CENSON Health.

Feeling Better with CENSON Health

Benefits and Features of CENSON Health

  • Electronic medical record (EMR) retrieval and storage in one place Track vital signs, calorie counts, and fitness readings
  • Telehealth counseling with verified, board-certified physicians and wellness coaches
  • Easy, at-home lab test ordering
  • Get free, Same or next day delivery of medications and lab tests in most locations*
  • Our Doctors are Board registered physicians with years of experience.

    Back that up with a team of State Licensed Nurses, Therapists, and Pharmacists, and you can see why CENSON Health is a leader in Healthcare.

  • CENSON Health Services

    Get the best treatment

    Quality of care

    You are always in control of your health with CENSON Health. Get the cheapest medications, and rest easy knowing we can actively monitor your vital signs 24/7.

    Prescriptions Delivered to the Door

    Why wait in line at the pharmacy when we can deliver to you – without the hassles or the markups. Most lab tests can be performed at home as well – we deliver and pick up.

    Call, Video Chat or Message a Doctor

    With Doctors and RN’s ready to help – and they already have your latest vitals, your patient can choose how they want to connect.

    Looking for guidance on the best way to maximize your reimbursement potential?  Reach out using the chat button below or book a consultation and our experts will share their insights and get you on the right path.