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Remote Physiologic Monitoring

RPM involves the collection and analysis of patient physiologic data that are used to develop and manage a treatment plan related to a chronic and/or acute health illness or condition.

We provide a simple, flat fee, turnkey, all-inclusive remote patient monitoring of your patients by our expert team of RN’s.

You provide the patient records and claim the reimbursements.
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Requirements for RPM:
To qualify for CMS reimbursements for utilizing the RPM services efficiently, the service providers and hospitals need to ensure the following:

Medicare part B patients are imposed 20% of co-payment (renouncing the co-payments regularly can trigger penalties under the Federal Civil Monetary Penalties Law and also the Anti-Kickback Statute)
Patients must take the remote monitoring services and are required to monitor for a minimum of 16 days to be applicable for a billing period.
The RPM services must be ordered by skilled physicians or other qualified healthcare experts.

Data must be wirelessly synced for proper evaluation, analysis, and treatment.

CPT Reimbursement Codes for RPM Service:

  • CPT code 99453 – It is a one-time practice expense reimbursing for the setup and patient education on RPM equipment. This code covers the initial setup of devices, training and education on the use of monitoring equipment, and any services needed to enroll the patient on-site.
  • CPT code 99454 – This code covers the supply and provisioning of devices used for RPM programs, and the code is billable only once in a 30-day billing period.
  • CPT code 99457 – This code covers the direct monthly expense for the remote monitoring of physiologic data as part of the patient’s treatment management services. To receive reimbursement, the physician, QHP or other clinical staff must provide RPM treatment management services for at least 20 minutes per month.
  • CPT code 99458 – This code is an add-on code for CPT Code 99457 and cannot be billed as a standalone code. This code can be utilized for each additional 20 minutes of remote monitoring and treatment management services provided.

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