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Complicated dosing schedules, costly pharmacy refills, and unwanted side effects are some reasons many patients don’t take their prescription as prescribed.

Fortunately, multi dose packaging services can help. By filling, organizing, and shipping medications in single-dose packs, multi dose packaging services can help patients remember to take their medication, lower their out-of-pocket costs, and reduce the number of trips they take to the pharmacy.

How Does Multi dose Packaging Work?

Multi dose packaging fills multiple prescriptions, sorts the doses by day and time, and packs them into daily packages with clear instructions about when to take them. censonRX will also refill and package medications at the same time every month and ship them directly to patients’ homes — reducing trips to the pharmacy.

If I Still Have Questions About My Medications, Can I Ask a Pharmacist?

Of course. You can always ask the pharmacist — at censonRX we are happy to discuss your patient’s needs — any questions you may have about your medications.

Can I Get Insulin, Creams, or Other Medications That Are Not in Pill Form Filled Through Multi dose packaging?

Yes. If you decide to use a multi dose packaging, you will be able to fill all your medications — even your creams or other medications that are not in pill form — but they will not be packed in a multi dose package.

Do I Have to Get All My Medications in a Packet? What If I Want to Keep Some in Bottles?

You do not have to put all your medications in a packet. With multi dose packaging, we will be able to accommodate most requests you may have. For example, if you want a certain medication kept in a bottle because you don’t take it every day, we will be able to do this. Medications available as inhalers, creams, or liquids may also be filled, however they are not compatible with multi dose packaging.

How Do I Sign Up for a Multi dose packaging?

Contact us to find out how easy it is for your agency, and even better for your patients.

Benefits of CENSONRX Pharmacy


Keep your out-of-pocket costs down and take advantage of special savings from the censonRX Health discount card, right from the app!


Rather than wait your turn in long lines at the pharmacy, the app lets you take your turn whenever you want from anywhere you want!


Through our end-to-end integrated prescription offering, you can choose from our network of pharmacies for prompt, convenient fulfillment.


Authorized prescriptions may be transferred at any time, either for pick-up at a nearby censonRX – affiliated pharmacy or for same-day delivery.

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