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Welcome to the provider information page for CENSON Health.

At CENSON Health we provide patient monitoring and virtual care services around the globe, either directly to patients, but more often, on behalf of facilities.

We would love to have you, as a caring and passionate care provider, to join us in providing the best in care.  Let’s explore the care options we provide, and the value these can bring to you as a care provider.

So, why would you want to work with us?  First up, we have a lot of patients; generally we provide remote patient monitoring as a base service for each of them, and as they have one or more chronic health conditions, they need a lot of services.

We are happy to have you as part of the team in either a part-time, full-time, or sometimes role.  You decide when you would like to work with the patients, how much you want to do, and what sort of role suits your situation.

If you are working with our Medicare/Medicaid/Private Insured patients, you can get paid directly, and then reimburse us,  or we will bill and pay you.

If you are working as a Direct Physician Care provider, you get paid for all the patients you have provided the care they need.

If you want to review patient charts/treatment plans – you can do that that anytime day or night that works for you.  

Read the following information on the services we provide, the CPT codes we claim, and if you want to discuss your participation, either book an appointment using the link at the bottom of the page, or use the chat button to chat with us, or call Simon on 307-278-9811 any time between 1am and 2pm EDT.

Our services

Our Inclusions:

If you are not getting ALL these services with your RPM solution - it is time to contact CENSON Health.

We all want to get paid, right?

With most remote patient monitoring solutions you would be lucky to get reimbursed for the basic RPM CPT codes – 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458 or their Medicaid/Private Insurer equivalents
Not with CENSON Health. We provide a turn-key solution that may allow you to receive reimbursement for over 60 CPT codes.

These include the full range of :
Remote Patient Monitoring CPT codes;
Remote Therapeutic Monitoring CPT codes;
Medication Therapy Management CPT codes;
Medical Nutrition Therapy CPT codes;
Behavioral Health CPT codes;
Chronic Care Management CPT codes;
Transitional Care Management CPT codes;
Principal Care Management CPT codes;
Telehealth Consultations CPT codes.

And if you need more, CENSON Health offers Pharmacy and Lab Testing services that can be added to your revenue.

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