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Remote Patient Monitoring Revenue

Remote Patient Monitoring Revenue

There is remote patient monitoring revenue just waiting for collection

Medical evidence and clinical guidelines published over the last decade have showcased the importance of 24-hour ambulatory remote patient monitoring as the reference standard, and self-measured blood pressure monitoring (SMBP) as an acceptable alternative for obtaining BPs to diagnose and treat hypertension.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, physician practices that educate patients to perform SMBP remote patient monitoring can submit claims using CPT codes associated with clinical services. The two new codes—99473 and 99474—support home blood-pressure monitoring, which provides useful information physicians can use to better diagnose and manage hypertension. Home BP monitoring also helps patients to take an active role in the process.

Training, patient education and device calibration
CPT code 99473 can be submitted when physician practice staff provide training, device setup and calibration of SMBP devices validated for clinical accuracy for patients, and patients are instructed to properly monitor their BP at home. This code can only be submitted once.

Ongoing treatment decisions
Physicians can also submit CPT code 99474 once a month for ongoing treatment decisions. This code can be used when patients and/or caregivers report their BP readings back to the practice—whether it is done electronically or in person with a SMBP recording log—which then allow the physician to make ongoing treatment decisions based on the average of the patient’s BP readings.

CENSON Health can work with your agency to provide the Remote Patient Monitoring that can be shared with the patients primary care physician, forming a closer bond, and increased revenue for both parties.

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