Skilled Nursing Facility: Improving Patient Care with Remote Patient Monitoring

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The Challenge:

  • Improving Skilled Nursing Agency patient care.
  • Increasing Skilled Nursing Agency CMS ratings.
  • All without adding to the staff burden.
  • Ensuring the safety of your staff and patients.
  • Ideal for Value Based Care

Let us show you how to:

Achieve much higher staff / patient safety, and potentially increase skilled nursing facility revenue through:

remote patient monitoring

Services Included


24 x 7 Telemonitoring:

Supported devices monitor:

OR use existing wearables (apple, google, tidepool, etc) or medical devices.

Included Benefits

remote patient monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring is a medical treatment option for some acute care conditions, and for folks suffering from chronic health conditions, including:

……. and supports care plan adherence with medication and activity reminders.

Notes: * Eligible patients are those who are Medicare and/or Medicaid and/or Private Insured. Patients and facilities may choose to participate in the program at their own discretion. CENSON will provide staff to on-board and assist staff/patients in the initial setup and ongoing use of the platform. ** Remote Patient Monitoring must be medically necessary to treat the patient's conditions, prescribed and provided in accordance with CMS regulations **

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