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CENSON® Skilled Nursing Facility Software Telemonitoring Solutions

We offer top of the line and unique software for skilled nursing care telemonitoring solutions with the CENSON® web portal and tablet app. Provide 24/7 patient monitoring using the latest wearables and increase your facilitie’s revenue, and improve CMS performance ratings.

  • The CENSON® solution comes pre-configured and ready to run and includes:
  • First Response Support and Follow-up – 24/7/365 Help Desk support – you have access to trained first response staff to answer your questions.
  • Multilingual Support – CENSON® can provide support in local languages.
  • Friends or family notification – Should your patients indicate that they are in need of assistance, we will automatically notify the people they designate as emergency contacts.
  • Medication reminder service – So your patients can easily follow the medication schedule as prescribed by their physician.
  • Daily messages that includes helpful information on exercising, eating right and living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

With costs starting at just $19 per month, you can see how this can help increase your revenues, provide a edge over your competitors, and improve the level of service provided to your patients.

You need a smart EMR including patient records, billing, and scheduling.

CENSON® software for skilled nursing care Telemonitoring solutions integrate with PointClickCare EMR offering seamless data and device integration for your Skilled Nursing Care facility.

We also integrate with leading EMR/EHR systems including Epic, Allscripts, AthenaHealth, and OpenEMR.  If you need to connect to other systems, just ask!

 One solution for all collaboration – Video/Chat/Voice

Having our collaboration solution  does more than just allow for easy access.  Anyone in the directory can be easily added to a patient conversation including case managers, specialists, and primary care physicians. Messages can also be forwarded from a patient conversation directly to a care team member.

Please contact us for more information about our telemonitoring and skilled nursing facility software solutions.

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