Saving Private Practice (NOT starring Tom Hanks)

Private practice medical groups are at risk to losing their patients to telehealth providers, and insurer directed physicians. Learn how to lock your patients to you for life, increase revenue, and even increase patient care.

Software for medical group or medical practice, Services and Wearables using CENSON smart EMR and remote patient monitoring.

New Revenue for Medical Clinics

Are you a medical group practice manager or clinic owner, and looking to add new revenue streams for 2021? Learn how to add remote patient monitoring revenue to your clinic and reap the benefits of: Additional revenue; Improved patient care; Increased patient retention; Subscribe now and start enjoying these benefits.

CMS Corrections to CPT Reimbursement Codes for RPM

For those among us who don’t reread the CMS codebook at every update, you should be aware of this: A. Correction of Errors in the Preamble 1. On page 84545 of the CY 2021 PFS final rule, third column, the first partial paragraph at the top of the column is corrected by removing the following language:   The medically necessary services associated with all the medical devices for a single… Read More »CMS Corrections to CPT Reimbursement Codes for RPM