CENSON Health marketplace for wellness and coaching

Compare providers, select wellness treatment options, and make purchases at the touch of a fingertip—the CENSON Health Wellness Marketplace—all for the first time, all in one app!

A digital support system

CENSON Health Lifestyle does the heavy lifting of finding an online therapist for you. In essence, the app gives users access to the complete rundown of CENSON Health -verified, board-certified providers, enabling them to pick-and-choose what they ask for and receive within the available mental health marketplace.

That brings the care you need—direct to your smartphone—eliminating the hassle of going through an unfiltered Google listing of ads, news stories, and press releases—just to find a few names and credentials that ring true.

Wellness Marketplace

Mental Health

There are a countless number of licensed therapists online. Problem is, there are relatively few you can count on. With CENSON Health Lifestyle, you’ll enjoy access to a full list of accredited options, each independently verified by our team. So, you can choose with confidence.

Weight Loss Management

Many of the lifestyle changes needed to lose weight are intuitive, but there’s nothing straightforward in selecting coaching help through the web. CENSON Health Lifestyle streamlines the search. Compare providers by user ratings and price at your fingertips, no sweat!


You can scour the Internet for the latest dieting fads and nutritional help from dieticians and still come up empty. Instead of being a source for confusion, CENSON Health Lifestyle can be a cause for celebration, providing you with all the options out there, all in a single feed.

Diabetes Prevention

The prevalence of Type 2 diabetes is something that puts just about everyone on-edge with their health. These days, prevention is nearly as big a business as treatment itself, but only CENSON Health Lifestyle brings all it down to size, all in one app, right on your smartphone.

How it Works

Simple and Quality Care, When You Need It.

CENSON Health leverages the power of AI and the scope of the digital health ecosystem in order to bring health care control to every user.

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Step 1

Register for Free.

  • Download the CENSON Health app from the Apple Store or Google Play
Step 2

Select your Provider.

  • Choose from a menu of service categories.
  • Review list of providers, compare user ratings, costs, etc.
  • Select and schedule treatment; pay online
CENSON Health is a marketplace of telehealth services that connect patients to providers.
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Step 3

Start Your Visit.

  • Obtain care and start building your CENSON Health profile*.

Our Providers are here to Help.

Coming soon, an exclusive, proprietary service from CENSON Health—one that draws from all available healthcare data in building your personal healthcare scorecard—creating a broad picture of current health with tips for improving it!


Our Doctors are Board registered physicians with years of experience.  Back that up with a team of State Licensed Nurses, Therapists, and Pharmacists, and you can see why CENSON Health is a leader in Healthcare.