Telemedicine and Telehealth Platform

Can be used by hospitals, governments, clinicians, home health care providers and health insurance companies. Essentially, any organization or provider that need remote monitoring of patients.

Health challenges – solved by CENSON® Health

Doctors and hospitals have often found that they required multiple e-healthcare solutions to monitor patients who have a range of different diagnoses.  This has been one of the obstacles making it difficult to harvest telemedicine solutions economic benefits. There is many different telemedicine providers on the market – but we offer a unique and a universal e-health solution to meet your need.

CENSON®  provides a universal e-health solution platform that solves the problem by offering the flexibility to adapt to national as well as local clinical guidelines – and by using disease-specific clinical workflows. The e-health solution from CENSON® Health is easily adaptable to any condition or chronic disease.

CENSON®  supports off-the-shelf medical devices and tablets – and takes advantage of cloud technology to enable scaling.

And most important: we have succeeded in achieving simplicity – top of the line and unique telemedicine solutions with the CENSON® Health web portal and tablet app.