Assisted Living: Health Care & Monitoring

Assisted living workloads are increasing. Traditional rounds for checking-in on residents can be disruptive. Resident accidents don’t happen on fixed schedules.

CENSON monitoring of resident’s wellness and safety around the clock. We help care professionals scale their most valuable superpower – caring for our elderly loved ones.

Around the clock monitoring

Care Professionals care for many residents. They cannot be in all places once. Enter: CENSON. Our health monitoring system continuously monitors residents to be there when you cannot.

Fast and easy setup

Other monitoring solutions require lengthy construction plans, running wires and drilling. CENSON doesn’t even require tools. Just connect to the app, and you are set.

No wearables

Elderly individuals don’t like, forget to charge and lose wearable devices. CENSON does not require wearables. With elegant and sleek design, the system simply “blends-in” to the environment while monitoring of wellness and safety of elderly residents.

Privacy and Safety First

Elderly individuals want more safety and wellness monitoring, but they are not willing to sacrifice their privacy or personal dignity for it.

How will it benefit assisted living operators and residents?

CENSON connects patients directly with healthcare providers, accessing a wide range of services, including:

Let’s see how simply it can engage, educate & entertain patients

  • Access convenient telehealth services at home
  • Schedule weekly/monthly primary care on the TV
  • Enjoy AI companionship for lonely seniors
  • Play virtual Bingo and global friends
  • Get medication & appointment reminders
  • Watch educational videos on preventive wellness
  • Providers available through telehealth
  • Stay connected with loved ones easily
  • Silent communication with text messages on TV
censon telehealth
This comprehensive suite of assisted living services is designed to ensure holistic care and convenience for patients and seniors.

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